Our Dive Break in Gibraltar

Camp Bay, The Rosie, Spanish Barges, Sunswale & Rosslyn Wrecks

We went to Gibraltar for a short diving break to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary in the place where we got married.

We had a lot of trouble finding a dive company, as almost all that we found on the web had gone out of business, 2 that we contacted on the Spanish side of the border failed to respond to our emails and phone calls. We eventually found the last remaining company on Gibraltar - Dive Charters Scuba - and arranged to dove with them.

On this trip we only dived the local dives in the harbour and off the beaches, sadly as it was the end of the season there were no trips to the famous dives reached by boat.

As we were diving in waters from the Atlantic the water was a chilly 16-17ºC, which was a shock to our system as a few days before we were diving in our local sites in 27ºC water.

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Camp Bay, Gibraltar

Camp Bay, Gibraltar
31st August 2015

Rosie, Gibraltar

Rosie Bay, Gibraltar
1st September 2015

Sunswale, Rosslyn, Gibraltar

Sun Swale & Rosslyn Wrecks Gibraltar
2nd September 2015