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Welcome to the photo galleries of Jo and David Spinney.

These are the pictures we have taken on our holidays over the last few years.

Every year we try to spend the winter months in a warm country, as the winters in Spain are just too cold.

Our favourite destinations are The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.


Well our 2019-2020 holiday and move to Canada didn't go quite as planned. We did the first part of our holiday as scheduled, but when we got to Australia we had to make a few changes to our itinerary as the road we were going to drive from Sydney to Adelaide was cut off by the huge fires. We changed route and went north to a town called Mooloolaba, where we did some estuary/river dives taking photos of Nudibranchs, some as small as 2mm in length. There was a lot of evidence of the fires beside the roads we were driving.

When we returned to Sydney to meet up with our friends John, Joanne and Sam we got some bad news - The Coronavirus had led the president of the ā€ˇFederated States of Micronesia had closed the nation to outsiders. This meant the cancellation of our trip to Truk lagoon was cancelled for the second year in a row.

We modified our schedule and returned to Bali for a week and introduced John to Warm water Macro diving - he loved it.

We then carried on to the Philippines as planned and had a good month of diving. Towards the end of the month we were told that Indonesia had closed its borders, so we had to cancel the rest of our schedule. Other countries were also closing their borders and we had to scramble to get a flight from the Philippines to Canada. The only route we could get tickets on was Cebu to Seoul to New York to Montreal to St.John. At that time Seoul, New York and Montreal were the worlds Coronavirus hotspots. We got to our house in Canada and straight into 14 days isolation. Luckily Jo's father lives about an hour away and he and Kevin had filled the fridge and cuboards with supplies.

We bought a lot of stuff online - we had no appliances of our own, so had to buy fridge, cooker, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer, vacuum cleaner, as well as a computer, monitors and printer, as all our electrical goods were left in Spain as they run on 240volts.

Our furniture eventually got here on July 22nd.

We are now waiting for the resumption of international travel so that we can get Jo's dogs brought over from Spain.

Our 2019-2020 schedule was:

Jo is heading to Egypt for a weeks diving with friends from https://excel-scuba.com Excel Scuba, Tenerife from 10th - 17th May.

Jo is heading for Egypt (again) for a weeks diving from 13th to 20th September 2019 with some friends from England.

Our winter adventure starts on December 12th 2019.

David will be wrapped in bubble wrap this year, after his fall and broken ankle last year resulted in 9 days in hospital, a cancelled trip to Truk and Guam and then no diving for him for the rest of the holiday.

Our Apologies

We have had a hectic couple of years, as a result we have not completed our picture galleries for the last 2 vacations.

We hope to have some time to process the images for Asia and Egypt when we have settled in our new home.

Our holiday in 2018/2019 was disrupted by david falling down a cliff face leaving a dive site in Australia. This left him with 8 fractures in his right ankle which meant he was in hospital for 10 days and had an operation to pin his ankle together with a dozen screws and 2 titanium plates. We continued the holiday, but Jo was the only one diving for most of the holiday. Luckily we had managed to see and photograph both Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons before the accident. However we missed out on visiting Guam and Truk.

Despite the breaks David was back in the water diving in 4 months.

As our work involves building websites we are not limited to being in any one location, as long as we can get a good internet connection we can, and do, work anywhere. We walk along the beach looking for a bar that has a good wi-fi signal where we can relax in the sunshine and do some work as well.

In order to pay for our holidays we work very hard when we are at home, we also have a very busy social life. This means that sometimes we do not have time to edit all the pictures before we start our travels again.

Most of our holiday pictures are underwater photos as we both share the same hobbies of Scuba Diving and Photography.

We have reduced the image quality so that the files will load more quickly, the original files are between 12MB and 25MB per image which means that unless you have a high speed connection they would take to long to load.

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Kenya Safari
We took our first ever safari in Kenya. It was an amazing experience. We will probably do more in the future.
Canada Road Trip
We took a trip to Canada to visit with Jo's family. We started in Toronto and drove all the way to Vancouver. In our 16 days we drove 6241 Kms.
Bou Ferrer Roman Wreck
This is a Roman wreck just off the coast of Spain at Villa Joyosa.
Tenerife Diving Pictures
Our friends Dave and Ben have bought a dive centre on the island of Tenerife, so we took a weeks trip to visit and dive with them.
Scuba Diving Maldives
We had an opportunity to do another liveaboard trip in the Maldives. David needed to work in Spain so Jo's birthday present was a week revisiting the Sharks and Rays in the Maldives.
Lanzarote scuba diving
We went on a dive trip to Lanzarote with the members of Kernow Divers from Falmouth in Cornwall.
Lanzarote Views
These are few of the pictures we took of the people and places on Lanzarote.
Malta Scuba diving
We went on a dive trip to take pictures of the wrecks around Malta for our 10th wedding anniversary
Asia Scuba Diving
These pictures were taken on our dive trip to Thailand and the Philippines in December 2015 to February 2016.
scuba diving gibraltar
These pictures were taken when we took a dive trip to Gibraltar for our 9th wedding anniversary. We got married in Gibraltar on 30th August 2006.
Diving Fuerteventura
These pictures were taken when we took a dive trip to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands with some of the staff and customers of our local dive centre.
views fuerteventura
These are of us and the people we went diving with in Fuerteventura.
asian scuba holiday
This was our first holiday in Asia. We both loved it so much we keep going back every year. The life in the water is amazing compared to the empty Med.
diving in L'Estartit 2014
Photographs taken in the Marine reserve of L'Estartit on our 8th wedding anniversary