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These are the pictures we have taken on our holidays over the last couple of years.

As our work involves building websites we are not limited to being in any one location, as long as we can get a good internet connection we can, and do, work anywhere. We walk along the beach looking for a bar that has a good wi-fi signal where we can relax in the sunshine and do some work as well.

Most of the pictures are underwater photos as we both share the same hobbies of Scuba Diving and Photography.

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Canada October 2017


Cross Canada Drive - October 2017

We took a trip to Canada to visit with Jo's family. We started in Toronto and drove all the way to Vancouver. In our 16 days we drove 6241 Kms.

Bou Ferrer - August 2017

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Bou Ferrer Roman Wreck

This is not a holiday picture, just a very special dive we got to enjoy here in Spain. Back in 2000 archaeologists started work on the "Bou Ferrer", a Roman wreck off the coast of Spain at Villa Joyosa. The site is only open to recreational divers for 8 dives per year and we were lucky enough to get a spot.

Tenerife - July 2017

scuba diving, tenerife, canary islands

Tenerife - July 2017

Our friends Dave and Ben have bought a dive centre on the island of Tenerife, so we took a weeks trip to visit and dive with them.

Jo's Birthday Present - April 2017

scuba diving maldives

Jo in the Maldives - April/May 2017

We had an opportunity to do another liveaboard trip in the Maldives. David needed to work in Spain so Jo's birthday present was a week revisiting the Sharks and Rays in the Maldives.

Our Winter Holiday - January 11th - March 20th 2017

scuba diving komodo national park, indonesia

Indonesia - March 2017

We decided to visit Indonesia where we visited the fantastic Komodo Marine reserve and did some muck diving in Bali - yet another country neither of us had visited yet.

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Manila, Family visit - March 2017

Popping in to Manila to see Jo's uncle Steve.

scuba diving, moalboal, cebu, philippines

Moalboal - March 2017

We went back to see our friends in Cebu Dive centre, and see our son who is a Dive Instructor in Moalboal.

scuba diving, malapascua, philippines

Malapascua, Shark Diving - February 2017

We spent a few days muck diving and diving with the Thresher sharks in Malapascua.

scuba diving, malaysia

Sipidan Island, Malaysia - February 2017

We decided to explore the diving in a country neither of us have been to before. We had heard that Sipidan Island is supposed to be in the top 10 best dive locations in the world, so we went to check it out.

scuba diving, similan islands, thailand

Khao Lak & The Similan Islands, Thailand - January & February 2017

We returned to the best locations we found in Thailand in 2016.

scuba diving, phuket, thailand

Kamala Beach, Thailand - January 2017

We take a weeks diving at Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

scuba diving maldives

Maldives Liveaboard - January 2017

We take a weeks diving in some of the best waters in the world diving with Mata Rays, Sharks and Whale Sharks.

Lanzarote - November 13th - 20th 2016

camels in lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote - November 2016

We went on a dive trip to Lanzarote with the members of Kernow Divers from Falmouth in Cornwall.

Malta - September 2nd - 17th 2016

scuba diving malta

Diving in Malta - September 2016

We went on a dive trip to take pictures of the wrecks around Malta.

Thailand and Philippines - December 2015 - February 2016

scuba diving thailand

Thailand 2015 - 2016

These pictures were taken on our dive trip to Thailand in December 2015 & January 2016.

scuba diving philippines

Philippines 2016

These pictures were taken on our dive trip to the Philippines in January & February 2016.

Gibraltar - August 30th - 3rd September 2015

scuba diving gibraltar

Diving in Gibraltar

These pictures were taken when we took a dive trip to Gibraltar for our 9th wedding anniversary. We got married in Gibraltar on 30th August 2006.

Fuerteventura - 19th - 26th January 2015

scuba diving fuerteventura

Diving in Fuerteventura

These pictures were taken when we took a dive trip to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands with some of the staff and customers of our local dive centre.

friends in fuerteventura

Fuerteventura People

These are of us and the people we went diving with in Fuerteventura.

Philippines - Dec 2014

Photographs taken by Jo in the Philippines

These pictures were taken in Bohol and Cebu.

Photographs taken by David in the Philippines

These pictures were taken in Bohol and Cebu.

Manila, Philippines

Visited Manila from December 16th to 18th and again December 29th to the 31st.


Visited Alona Beach from December 19th to the 22nd.

Cebu, Philippines

Visited Moalboal from December 22nd to the 29th.


Some pictures of our flying visits to Beijing on December 16th and December 31st.

L'Estartit, Spain - Aug-Sept 2014

Photographs taken by Jo & in L'Estartit

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